May 25, 2012

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Julie (!!!)
the other day at work my friend laura sent me the meaning of her name and we both had a giggle since it was so accurate. after that, i thought to myself "what does my name mean?"
so, i googled it and according to wikipedia ;;
Julie is a popular French first name which originally comes from the Latin Julia which could mean youthful, soft-haired, beautiful or vivacious. It is the feminine form of Julius, and can be a pet form of Julia, or Juliette.

hmmmm, don't know if i agree with that one, definitely youthful though! :)
i like my name! my mom & dad said they just really loved the name and that's why they named me that, no fancy or special reason - just because ♥
 ((also known as jules! ))


  1. Hehe my sister's name is Julie! She definitely has soft hair and is vivacious. Hahahaha!

    I love name meanings, especially when it means something literal in another language! My last name means Angel in danish :$!


    1. aw yay!!!!hahaha:)

      i love them too! oooh angel:) good one!

  2. What a sweet explanation of your name. I love the "soft hair" bit. So funny. :)

    1. yeah it's cute eh? yeah soft hair made me laugh! lol

  3. hey I'd love it if you could follow me back as I always read your blog... it would mean the world :)


    bex xx

  4. I agree with the beautiful!
    My name has a couple meanings - the princess of darkness, or honey, depending which language you're using. I suppose I'm a bit of both, Miss Jules Verne ;)

    1. you're too sweet mel! loved seeing you yesterday. i'm glad you came! :) honey! amazing! haahhaha, thanks for knowing who jules verne was!


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