June 17, 2012

Dad :)

Father's Day!
Today in honour of father's day I wanted to do a little post about the memorial we had for my Dad on May 13th. It was 10 years since my Dad passed away and I decided to throw a memorial for him, a day where friends and family could come together to celebrate my Dad's life! Over 60 people came that day, to share their photo's, stories and memories of my amazing Dad. I loved hearing people talk about him because it was clear that they all loved him as much as us! I heard some stories I had never heard that warmed my heart so much. It meant a lot to me and my brothers, and mom to have all of those people there! Here are a few photo's from the celebration. Such a perfect day and a perfect way to remember the first man I ever loved! ♥ - Happy Father's Day in Heaven Dad! LOVE you!

banner & little table of photo's & goodies ;
old photo of my dad on his bike! ;
father's day! LOVE! ;
my i love you dad outfit! ;
the little memory book i made ;
thank you! ;
dubble bubble :) ;

i am heading to my moms today to celebrate my brother joe's first fathers day! as well as my uncle & grandpa! forever in our hearts, always on our minds!

have a great day ever! spoil your dad. 


  1. What a lovely post, thank you for sharing this.

    A memorial is such a great idea, i bet you found out things and heard stories that you'd never heard before. What a beautiful way to keep your dad's memory alive.


  2. Oh goodness, how sweet is this. And wow, a Steeler's tumbler? I'm from the 'burgh, represent!!! xoxo

  3. This is such a lovely post. I bet your daddy's smiling up in Heaven, extra big, more than usual. xo

  4. what a wonderful thing you did julie, in honor of your dad. :D have a fabulous day!

  5. This is such a lovely way to celebrate Father's Day, what a wonderful Memorial you held. I think he'd be very proud. xxx

  6. Ohhh this is just so so so so sweet!!! So so fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)
    Love from NJ!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  7. oh wow!
    that made me cry.

  8. This is SO sweet, Jules! Such a great way to honour your amazing dad.


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