September 14, 2012

europe trip : part 3! reunited with my dutch bestie!

so, omg. 
when i was in college i did an internship in orlando florida. it was a cultural internship and people from all around the world took part in it. a lot of the people there were from holland, which soon became one of my favourite places! i love the dutch! i met so many amazing people while i was there. some that i've unfortunately lost touch with, but some who i still talk to on a regular basis. sjarde and i met my very first day there. we instantly became pals, and from then on we were basically inseparable. sjar and i loved a lot of the same things (shopping, giggling, gossiping, scrapbooking, sparkly things) and spent the majority of our time there together. sjar came to toronto to visit me about 6 years ago, but since then we have no got to see each other! and then... on monday, august 13th...

dutch + canadian besties reunited!
*squeels* i finally made it over to holland (i've been wanting to go forever!)
sjarde picked pete & i up at the airport and when we saw each other it was like no time had passed! we quickly got in to our old groove of girl talk and catch up! it was so awesome to finally be there.

sjarde and her boyfriend jonas live together in an apartment in haarlem, which is an adorable little town just outside amsterdam. jonas is so wonderful! pete and i LOVED hanging out with sjarde and jo. it's SO cool to think that you can hangout and spend time with people from so far away, and get a long so wonderfully. seriously amazing. 

i'm SO thankful that i got to spend time with sjarde and jonas, and that pete could finally meet this amazing girl that i have talked about for all these years! 

our fave dutch couple was way too good to us while we stayed with them. they took us on all sorts of adventures, made us traditional dutch food, taught us bakkie doen, road tripped to belgium, played amsterdam tour guides, took us to an amazing restaurant for my birthday, toured the red light district, taught us dutch sayings (or tried to) and just made us so happy to be there.

i am so thankful that sjarde & i still keep in touch! it's amazing having a bff on the other side of the world! pete and i are hoping sjarde and jonas make their way to toronto in the near future. i've already started thinking of fun things we can do when they visit :)

here are some photo's of my dutch bff!

jonas + sjarde = soooo cute, right? ;

all smiles ;

pouting because it was our last day together ;

sjar & jo sang happy birthday to me in dutch! too cute! ;

we got besties t-shirts, obvs ;

peace, love, bffs. ;

gigglin' in belgium ;

this moment ruled. balcony hangs. ;

model! in haarlem, bier market ;

loveeee ;

vintage shopping ;

here we go again, laughing! ;

ready for our first day together! ;

love her kitchen:) ;

so there you are, i hope you liked reading about one of my favourite people ever.
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Aw I remember when you first came home and how much fun you had when you were in Florida! I love that you guys got to reunite and hope she comes to Toronto too!! These photos are adorable.

    1. i had the BEST time! yessss, i really hope so too! thanks boo! xo

  2. Okay, could this get any cuter?? First of all, I'm so jealous that you went to Europe. Second, your style is impeccable. That blue dress/tunic???? AH I love it! You are one stylish lady!

    I just found your blog, and it's so cute. I'm excited to be your newest follower!


    1. lol AW. you're so sweet! whaaaat, i am blushin'

      thanks so much for following!!! i am going to check out your blog!!

      thanks for your kind words.

  3. So sweet! Your trip to Holland sounds amazing! and you and your bestie are too cute for words! <3

  4. Awee, so cute! that must have been such a great moment to be reunited like that after so long :)


  5. Love this post! I'm generally pretty sad when my travel-loving friends move far away (or when you make friends who live elsewhere so you don't get to see them often)... but it's so nice to have friends around the world!


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