February 21, 2013

cute toronto! george street diner.

cute toronto!
[ oh hello there cutie pies! ]

tonight i am bloggin' about one of my favourite spots in the city, george street diner
this cute little diner is right by pete & i's place, we're talkin' a 5 minute walk :)
it's such a tiny, sweet place and it's always packed in there. i think every time we've been we've had to wait it out, but it's always worth it of course. 
it's run by a bunch of really cute irish girls, i think it's family owned and i wanted to chat with them to get some details but it was just too packed! the food is cooked right in front of you in an itsy bitsy kitchen, and it's so friggin' good. my favourite is the grilled cheese with avocado (i die for it)

it's just so old and cute and it makes me happy! definitely check it out if you get the chance. you will get a hearty, delicious and greasy breakfast (perfect hangover cure!)


  1. Oooh, I want to go here!
    Also, Pete looks soooo cute in the fourth last picture!

    1. let's go together!
      he is soooooo cuteeee. i love these photo's of him.

      also, i was just searching etsy for bestie necklaces for us (lololol)

  2. Your blog seems so familiar to me, I must have been here before, right? But for some absurd reason, I was not following! Love your pictures, looking forward to reading more. I've just stumbled (back?) across your blog from the GFC Collective, happy to be your newest follower :)
    Kitty & Buck

  3. Why have we never been here when I visit?
    Next time please xo

  4. Beautiful photos! That restaurant looks so charming :)

    By the way, I received the fisheye camera! It works wonderfully and I can't wait to see hoe the pictures turn out!



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