February 9, 2013

valentine DIY notebooks!

happy saturday my loves!
i've had the busiest/craziest week. more about this later, but for now work is finally done & i am so happy to say i am currently snuggled up on the couch watching hockey. [swoon]

i just wanted to post the cutest, easiest DIY ever!
i found these adorable polka dot notebooks at homesense, they came in a pack of 3 for $6 and i thought they were absolutely precious. i am also so in love with homesense.

i just thought this was a cute & crafty (and inexpensive) valentine gift to make for someone.

what you'll need
- mod podge (sparkly is best! obvs)
- a paint brush
- notebooks
- glue stick
- vintage valentines, or any cute valentine

i found these cutie valentines at the antique market, at st.lawrence market. the guy sold them 2 for $1, i got them last year and knew i wanted to use them for something but i wasn't sure what. i wish i got all of the ones he had because they were all absolutely adorable. these ones are from the 1950's and even had messages on the back! SO cute, i die for them.

// all you have to do -
glue your valentine of choice on the notebook with a glue stick,
smooth it out, paint the valentine with mod modge,
let them try over night,
put them in between some big books for a few hours to keep the print flat.

& THAT'S IT! how sweet right? i am going to send one of these to a friend and maybe i will have to keep one too. also, i just want to note these weren't bought in february so i didn't break one of my goals. hahaha, love it. let me know if you are making any cute valentine's day crafts, they are my faves.


  1. This is so adorable! And it actually looks super easy too, always a plus.

  2. These are so sweet!

    Take care,

    ... P.S. Your blog is perfect!

    1. thanks love! & AWWWW nooo way. thank you, thank you!!!!!!


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