May 18, 2013

I'm in Paris! Guest Post # 3 - Toni from Lemon Freckles!

Lucille Ball
August 6th 1911 - April 26th 1989

Lucille Ball, who is best known for her leading role in I Love Lucy, was an American actress, model, comedienne and executive and still to this day she is seen as one of America's most loved.  

Lucille back in 1948 who was already a movie star, co-founded Desilu productions (which she later took over after the divorce) and started I Love Lucy when she was forty years old, showing age wasn't an issue for this gorgeous lady.

Although I don't believe the show I Love Lucy was created to be a massive feminist statement, I do believe it accidentally stumbled into that territory by being such a unique sitcom with the leading role being played by a woman.  Lucille had a hand in writing, editing and directing the show and so was absolutely instrumental in shaping Lucy's character, who was soon to become televisions first female comedian character.  

Lucille was the first openly pregnant actress who ever preformed on television and refused to hide her pregnancy on the show, she was the first public example of a pregnant woman who continued working despite the limitations pregnancy can bring.  

I think it was a bit of a combination of both Lucille and her character Lucy that made her such a fantastic inspiration for women.  Lucy was a woman who refused to give up on her dreams, no matter what limitations others may have seemed to put on her due to her gender and it seemed Lucille was the same, being one of the first women to publicly show maybe we can have children and lead a incredible career.


  1. Fun post! I am a huge Lucille Ball fan and I'm naming my baby girl Lucy. :)

    Jenn V.

  2. Thanks Jules'! Looks lovely up, hope you're having a wonderful holiday!! xx

  3. Lucy is so inspirational, and such a great female role model! I just found your blog through Toni's and I really love it! consider me a new follower :)

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca


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