October 11, 2013

sneak peak of our place!

TGIF ♥ Am I right?

Thanksgiving weekend is here! Definitely one of my favourite times of year. This year my family is heading up to our cabin for a weekend to take in the beautiful & colourful fall colours [swoon]

I've wanted to do a few little posts of our place on the blog! It's been a while since I posted any photo's like that, and I wanted to share. I really love looking at how cute bloggers houses, apartments, offices are so I thought perhaps you'd like to have a look as well?

Here are just a few snaps of some apartment cuteness for you! More coming soon!

Our "wall of fame" // polaroids + prinstagrams of some of our faves ;

Linda McCartney, my life in photographs, my camera collection, vintage radio + our seating cards & party favours from Sarah's wedding! ;
Beatles corner --  program from when we saw Paul live in Toronto!, the cutest Christmas ornament, tin & button from when we were in Liverpool! '
New picture frame + vase from Chapters with some pretty fall-like flowers inside ;
Have the best weekend ever.

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you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)