September 29, 2014

Do it yourself - Treat Bags!

So, my cute-as-can-be niece Ivy turned 3 a few weeks ago! As soon as we decided the date of the party and everything, I asked my bro & sister-in-law if I could help by creating a little bit of cute. So, making treat bags for 3 year olds is definitely not the easiest task, because they are still little itty bitty humans and maybe aren't all in to the same things as each other. I wanted to keep the treat bags unisex for the most part.

We had about fifteen 3 years olds and then two 6-8 year olds who I made custom treat bags for (hello kitty notebook, candy necklace, and go fish/crazy eight countdown)

So for the treat bags, I wanted them to be really fun and cute but didn't want to spend a fortune so in the end I think they were just less than $5 each!

Inside each treat bag was ;
♥ a candy necklace
♥ a few little plastic dinosaurs
♥ five crayons
♥ a monster finger puppet
♥ froot loop fruit snacks
♥ hello kitty or transformer stickers

The treat bags were a total hit and the cutie babes loved them! I got all the supplies at target (duhhh) and of course customized them with mini tags saying "ivy's 3rd birthday" with a little washi, and then wrapped them up with ribbon!

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  1. You win 'best aunty' award! That is such a thoughtful thing to do for your niece, and I bet those 3 year olds loved them!

    Lauren / And Together We


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