March 25, 2015

Bumble Bee Birthday!

It's been a while since I've planned a cute-as-can-bee party! I figure what better occasion than my cutie pie nephew Jimmy's 1st birthday? Oh how I love that little bundle of smiles, he has brought so much joy in to our lives!

We decided to go for Bumble Bees as the theme for the party, and I have a feeling this is gonna get REAL cute! I was at the The Great Canadian Dollar Store a few weeks ago when I found all the adorable party decor in the photo's below. They had so much stuff with the cute bumble bee pattern and then a bunch of really adorable items with yellow + white and black + white polka dots!

I found those perfect little bumble bee felt baskets shown above at Target - since it's leaving Canada, all of the party stuff is 50% off so I scored those babies for 50 cents each! (I kinda really stocked up on party supplies by the way)

Other added touches for this party will be:
♥ fresh yellow and white flowers
♥ some jars of honey on the party table
♥ lemonade 
♥ perhaps some home made antennas for the kiddies
♥ singing the bumble bee song as many times as possible

Here are the beginning stages of planning this 1st birthday party! I will share the finished product after the big day (April 11th) !!! :)


  1. Okay that is going to look super CUTE!

  2. Oh jeeze Jules, this has to be the cutest theme!!!

    1. ahhh! yay! i think it is going to be verrry cute!


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