June 26, 2015

LOVE wins!

Wow! What an AMAZING day today has been. After spending last night celebrating Toronto Pride with some of my favourite people, I woke up this morning to the incredible news of America (finally) legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states. I've honestly cried about 5 times today after reading and seeing the amount of support and joy all over the world today.

Toronto has been beaming with Pride, sparkles and rainbows for forever and it is even more so on this amazing day in history.

This is huge. Remember this moment forever, because history was made today. We are changing the world! Love is love. Love always wins! It's beyond incredible the change that is being made and that we are supporting love in every single aspect and capacity.

I am so proud today! We've been living for 10 years in Canada as a country that supports same sex marriage, and it's about time that America started living the same. I cannot wait to celebrate love tonight and this weekend with my friends and family.
Love Wins!!!
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