September 23, 2015

Happy 1st Day Of Autumn + Goals!

HAPPY 1st day of Autumn! ♥

Autumn is my favourite season for so many reasons, this time of year just means warmth & love for me and I could not be more thrilled it's finally here. I'm excited for... cosy sweaters and snuggles, the colours of the trees that look just perfect, the delicious warm drinks, the cosy nights in, the nice calm walks, the smell of the crisp air, the apples, the pumpkins, the feeling of Thanksgiving, the cabin weekends, the apple cider, the pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin flavoured everything, the feeling that it seems okay to just stay in and do nothing, new beginnings, big goals, bigger dreams. 

So instead of doing my usual monthly goals, I've decided to do some Autumn Goals! I did really good on my Summer goals and completed almost all of them! I love making goals for myself, whether big or small it's something to keep me on my toes and on top of everything.

1. Watch a horror movie
2. Listen to a new album from start to finish
3. Take a pal on a pumpkin spice latte date
4. Have a Beatles day! (to prep for seeing Paul McCartney!)
5. Have at least two nice Sunday dinners with Pete
6. Make a delicious fall-like dessert
7. Have a "wedding planning" day (crush it)
8. Drink hot apple cider (& whiskey)
9. Do a fall outfit post on the blog
10. Read a new fiction book
11. Watch a football game on a Sunday
12. Have a John & Yoko day (lay in bed all day and do nothing)
13. Practice/try to learn a song on Ukulele
14. Fill our home with pumpkins & cute fall decor
15. Have a jam sesh with Pete 
16. Post a new recipe on the blog
17. Walk to work (way) more often!
18. Re-read a classic novel
19. Host friends over for drinks//snacks
20.  Go on neighbourhood walks with Pete

What is something you want to do this season? I'd love to hear some of your goals!

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  1. I have a suggestion for #2. I really liked Ryan Adams 1989. In case you haven't heard, he covers all of T Swift's album and turns it into a chill rainy day kind of record. It's good.


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