October 22, 2015

Work + Life Blog Post! My Full Time Job

Oh hello, and Happy Thursday! ♥

Something I always find interesting about bloggers is finding out about what they do for their full time jobs. I realize there are bloggers out there who blog full time, but for everyone else - it's something I really love to know!

You really feel like you get to know someone via their social media and blogs especially after you've been following them for a while. My full time job is pretty damn awesome, and something that I feel people would think reflects who I am (even if that means just knowing me from my blog or social media outlets)

One of my work besties Amy has started a series on her blog called Work + Life

"Work + Life is an interview series giving insight into career paths for non-traditional roles. When I was in school it was difficult to see what any chosen career path would really look like, and I barely knew the kinds of roles that existed in my field. This series gives a glimpse into the day-to-day life of work, uncovers the best (and worst) parts of the job, looks into personal career paths, and introduces us to driven people in interesting places."

For my full time job, I work at a student travel company in Toronto called I Love Travel and I am a "Culture Coordinator" AKA my main focus is making people happy, and spending my time interacting with staff members, planning fun events and parties, and always focusing on keeping the workplace a positive place to be. Here's a little piece of the intro Ames wrote about me (she is so darn sweet)

"Julie is one of my favourite people ever… she has such an infectious positivity and fierce humour that the first time I met her I knew that I needed to be her friend. We met while working together at the student travel company I Love Travel, where Julie is responsible for the hundreds of little things that turn ‘work’ into a place to grow, learn, and create lifelong friendships. She has been nicknamed “Julie Ross Christmas” for her love of the holiday, and she is so beloved at work that she gets marriage proposals regularly. Read on to hear which companies inspire her and some [good] advice on finding your dream job."
Read the full Work + Life post! + you can also follow Amy on Instagram!


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    1. thank you pauline! it's pretty tame right now compared to usual! hehe :)

  2. always nice to read about what other bloggers do for a living! I hope one day to be able to blog full time like some other lucky bloggers!

    XO Courtney
    Roses & Rouge Lifestyle Blog
    Instagram: @rosesandrouge

    1. i agree! oh my, that would be so nice!! maybe one day! :)

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