November 15, 2015

Etsy Challenge - My Shop is now OPEN!

Happy Sunday, Gorgeous!
+ If you hadn't noticed, my blog is back (oh how I missed it) it was down for about five days and I am excited for it to be back because I have some fun things to post very soon. 

First up, an update on my Etsy adventure ♥ - as I posted before, I was chosen to be the host of the 30 Day Etsy Challenge which was an initiative to encourage creatives from all over to join me in opening their own Etsy shop in just 30 days. 

I've always wanted to open my own Etsy shop, in fact it's something that has been on my yearly goal list for at least the last two years! I've always thought of making and selling my own prints out of my hand written font. The past 30 days have been such a fun adventure, and between my full time job, this blog, our social life and planning a wedding it's most definitely been a challenge for me.

The homework & lesson plans for the challenge really inspired me and kept me on the right track, and the interactive Facebook group was a great way to share your ideas, get feedback and connect with other creatives! ♥  Even if I had a really busy day or week, the plans helped me to stay focused on the task at hand.

For me, I really like sharing my to-do lists, goals and dreams on my blog and social media because it helps motivate me and makes me feel accountable. Joining a community like Etsy motivates you, excites you and helps you in so many ways. This challenge was exactly what I needed to get my act together and really make this little dream I had a reality.

The biggest challenge for me throughout the 30 days, was staying focused and making time throughout the process to work on things to keep me on track. Time flies so quickly and life is busy, so it's important to schedule time for the things we really love, because before we know it the days, weeks, months and even years get away from us. This was a good learning experience for me and I definitely feel like I learned a lot from what I can accomplish if I really set my mind to something.

So, now what? My shop is officially open, but it's nowhere near perfect. I've got my first set of prints ready for the shop, but I know how I would like to improve them for the next round. I have ideas for new quotes and phrases, and other goodies I will sell in my shop! I am being realistic with myself, since I know with Christmas coming up, and nearing 6 months until the wedding, time is of the essence! However, I can't wait to grow this shop and keep it a fun & happy place for anyone willing to check out.

Here is the shop and some of the prints that are available as of now. Thanks everyone for the love and good vibes throughout the whole challenge.


  1. Hi Jules!
    Congrats for the shop opening. :D
    I love your work. ♥

  2. Yay! I did notice the blog was done, I got worried there for a sec haha. I love the prints, and it's so exciting you've opened! I'm still thinking of what I want to do for my shop. I was thinking custom painted coasters... and then branching out to other things. Congrats!

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