January 26, 2016

enjoying the little things

Hey, Cutie!
Tuesday, you're alright I guess. 

I am super glad that we've got only five days left in January (so over it!) Overall it's been a pretty good month, and we've definitely got a lot done for the wedding - which is a huge plus. Crushin' it.

Although I don't love the cold weather (after Christmas, haha) and the shorter days, and amount of time spent inside - there is something wonderful about the simple little things we get to enjoy. The past few weeks we've had some days where we just spend lots of time at home. Whether we're binge watching mad men (obsessed) cleaning our place, doing wedding planning, reading books or just lounging in our jammies, they are all special, simple, lovely things.

I feel like we often overlook these days and moments, when it's still chilly inside because of the cold, when we wrap ourselves in blankets with a tea, read a magazine, light a scented candle, bake some cookies, paint our nails or sleep in later than usual. All these little things, perfect little moments are what make our days great, our weeks wonderful and our hearts full.

I'm making it a personal goal of mine to really take some time to enjoy every little moment. January is a time when we start to feel a bit down, and it's easy to fall in to a slump. If you start feeling this way, remember all of the sweet little moments we get every single day! Write down all the things you're grateful for. Works every time.

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