January 7, 2016

inspiration to write your 2016 goals!

h a p p y   t h u r s d a y ♥
I wanted to share a little inspiration for you guys to start your 2016 off right! I will be sharing my goals later this week and these 5 people were all big inspirations for me while doing so!

1. Tiffany Pratt's Creative Morning Podcast!
So, my girl Tiff is a magical unicorn and explosion of happiness and sparkles. And since she came in to my life I've most definitely known that to the extreme. One of my 2016 goals is to listen to more podcasts and when my work bestie Amy sent me Tiffany's creative mornings podcast, I listened to it right away. I knew Tiff was an amazing soul but this podcast inspired me beyond belief! Tiff's outlook on creativity, art and the world will do nothing but inspire you in ways you couldn't imagine. She believes that we're all artists, and that we can be whatever we want to be no matter the circumstance. I laughed, I smiled and I cried during this podcast.

2. This Renegade Loves 35 before 35 List! 
Lauren is such a cool girl. Legit the definition of #GirlBoss and she just radiates good vibes. I got to meet her a few years ago at a blog conference, and since then have been following her journey online through her instagram & blog. In 2015 Lauren turned This Renegade Love from her hobby to her career, and she has inspired so many people along the way (including me of course!) One thing that she posted a while back really got me excited and ambitious and that was her 35 before 35 list - this list of goals really got me thinking! It was different than most I see and had such a variety of different  things, some HUGE goals, some adventurous, some personal but all so special. Follow Lauren on all outlets to constantly feel engaged, refreshed and inspired.

3. Two Canadian babes who started their own Coffee company! Calgary Heritage Roasting Co
One of my very wonderful, handsome and ambitious friends Mike and his pal Jamie followed their dream and opened their own Coffee Company out of Calgary, Alberta. When I first talked to Mike and learned that this was happening, I was beyond stoked! Not just because coffee is one of my one true loves, but because I loved the idea of two young people following their dream and making it a reality. When I hear of stories like this from people in my life, it inspires me even more. In just a few short months these guys spread the word around western Canada about their love of coffee roasting and creating a coffee that is described as "the home-grown, outback, rugged, mountain-fresh, clear skies sort of thing that Alberta is all about" - Check these dudes out for some serious inspiration, and follow their instagram too because the photos are simply perfect.

4. The Nectar Collective's full time blogging success!
Melyssa of Nectar Collective is my go-to girl when it comes to learning about growing my blog, instagram or getting inspired to do so. Her posts are always so well thought out, and filled with useful exciting information that leave me wanting more. I think the fact she is so candid and honest about her success really lets us trust her and want to listen to what she has to say. I find myself on her blog very often, and wanting to read every post because I am so in awe of how useful the information is. From something so simple as the best hashtags to use on instagram, to something as big as how to earn $1000 from your blog in the next 60 days what ever the subject, I am all ears!

5. Kyla Roma's advice on small business & blogging growth!
Kyla is so cool. I have followed her blog for years and recently just re-discovered her and remembered how wonderful she is. She has created a life of helping people with their small business, blogs and branding and she really rocks at it. Her posts are thoughtful, educational and inspiring. After spending some time reading them this week and bookmarking her blog, I felt even more stoked for 2016 and all it has to offer. You can always learn something new by reading Kyla's posts and she also has cool free workbooks (my weekend plans) and challenges to keep you on track. Start 2016 with a bang by getting connected with Kyla!

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