October 23, 2016

life lately!

Happy Sunday Pals ♥

I had a very chill weekend. I am pretty under the weather so I haven't had much energy to do anything really. It worked out because this was the first weekend in months where we haven't had a wedding, birthday, party or some kind of event to go to. Yesterday I got out of the house for a few hours with Pete as we went exploring, to see the new Beatles movie "Eight Days a Week" (omg so good!) and out for dinner.

I am binge watching Friends (I've watched too many episodes this weekend) and sipping on some hot water lemon & honey ♥ #cosy
  • We've been doing a major clean out of our place lately. Today we got rid of three huge bags of clothes from our closet that we are going to donate. Best feeling ever!
  • THE WALKING DEAD - oh em gee! Pete and I have loved the show forever but were about a half season behind. Well, we saw that the episodes we hadn't seen got added to Netflix..and let's just say we crushed those episodes the past few days. It's SO good. We've got one more to watch to get caught up and then the new one airs tonight!
  • Straight ~chillin~ for the month of October I've been spending the majority of my week days at home this month. I have been trying to spend more time at home relaxing because things have been so busy. It's been really nice! I've been getting some stuff done around the place, doing some crafting and creating and getting caught up on some reading.
  • Pinning up a storm! I have been spending more time on Pinterest lately because I am always looking for inspiration for our future (dream) home. We're looking to buy a place and if I can't have a house, I will dream about what I would do to one if I had one! 
  • Christmas is around the corner (ok not right around but pretty damn close) It's just over two months away and I am going to get started on my Christmas shopping this week. We've already sent out invites for our party and I think this year it's going to be better than ever! It's my first official Christmas as a Whish ♥

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