November 8, 2016

making gifts cute - adding that extra sparkle*!

Well hello there! I am not too sure if you guys knew this about me already, but...I really love CUTE stuff! (that was a joke, because obviousssssly I do)

One of my favourite things ever is spoiling people I love. I just can't help it - I love to shower my friends, family, husband and co-workers with special things to make them smile. I especially love making my own little gifts, and taking a simple and ordinary gift and making it extra cute with all the adorable fixin's

My go-to gift add ons that can make any kind of gift really sparkle are
  • gift tags
  • confetti
  • stickers
  • bows
  • ribbons
  • clothes pins
  • glitter
  • washii tape
  • paper bags
And of course, you have to stock up on the cutest, prettiest gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper and boxes when you see them! I've always got stuff on hand for when I need to prepare a gift for a special occasion. My favourite place to get gift wrap used to be Target (rest in peace Canadian Target) but now I find a lot of my goodies at Homesense, Winners or Marshalls

For me, I always love to add that extra magic touch to a gift to make it special. I always do this for wedding day cards we give as well! I put it in a paper bag, add a little confetti bag with a clothes pin and a custom message, usually with a heart shaped tag too of course! 

You can make a bottle of champagne look cute-as-can-be with some ribbon, a tag and some extra pizazz. I love giving the mini rosé champagne bottles out with a paper straw & tag attached (like in the top photo) 

I am also a huge fan of gift boxes. What is more special than a box filled with someone's favourite things? This just never fails and I find it's also pretty cost effective. Homesense has the cuuuuuutest boxes you can use for gifts that can be part of the gift. At the end of this post you can see a gift I gave to one of my besties Jordan. He loves all the same things as me - cute, sparkly, rainbow, happy, awesome things! So, naturally I filled a gift box with all kinds of confetti and glitter and put his favourite candy, as well as some little gifts inside! Loved how this turned out!

I am excited to get some Christmas shopping done, and of course I love wrapping Christmas gifts! I will do a post all about Christmas gift wrap too! ♥

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