February 19, 2017

life, lately!

Oh hello there + Happy Sunday!
I realized I haven't blogged in nine days, and it feels even longer. I thought it'd be nice to give a little life update with some fun snaps from the last little while.

I've got to say, life has been really really great! It's a long week here in Canada (Family Day!) which has been so lovely so far. We're relaxing right now and then later today we'll be going to celebrate my Grandpa's 95th birthday! ♥
H O M E ; We've been in our new house for about a month and a half now! And although we're not 100% where we want to be, we are definitely getting there. It's starting to feel a lot more like home and we're pretty much all unpacked. Now, it's just putting the final touches on everything and hanging some prints and photo's as well as coming up with some sweet gallery walls. We're having a little housewarming next weekend.
W O R K ; It's been a challenging few months for me. I left my job in November that I was at for five and a half years to pursue a new opportunity. Long story short it ended up not being the best fit for me, but was a learning experience and helped me discover what I am looking for. I'm so excited to say I started this past week at an amazing Tech company as their Culture Specialist, In a nut shell, it's my job to make sure people are happy, excited and engaged (best...job...ever!)
E V E R Y T H I N G    E L S E ;  Been keeping busy hanging with lots of friends and family, going out and about in Toronto, and finally spending time at home again + making delicious dinners. I hosted a fun giveaway recently on my Instagram and have another one coming up soon!, got the most amazing surprise package from thimblepress filled with the best goodies, recently got tickets to see three concerts this Summer (!!!) Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon & Chance the Rapper. To top everything off, next weekend I get to be a model with some other fellow creatives in Toronto for the Spring photoshoot for Smithery Style

The moral of the story is - all is wonderful and I hope everyone is doing amazinggggg! More updates coming soon, promise.

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  1. These are all such exciting things!! I'm so happy for you. <3

    xo, Diana


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