April 15, 2017

self love + smithery style!

o h      h e y    g o r g e o u s !!! 
It's me, Jules! I'm alive & well and keeping busy as a bee as per usual. I've been wanting to do this post for weeks but it was a very special one and something I did not want to rush!

In February I was lucky enough to be chosen by the incredible ladies from Smithery Style to take part in their Spring Photoshoot! I was beyond honoured to be asked to do this, and was so intrigued because of what Smithery is all about.

Self Love is a phrase I've been hearing a lot of lately, along with Self Care. They are both so important to living a happy, care free life in the skin you're in. This is definitely something important to me and something I've also struggled with for a long time. I've always been more of a curvy lady and on some days I embrace it and love it, and others I feel sad and disappointed with the way I look. It's definitely easier said than done to feel confident and proud of the way you look at times. Places like Smithery help women feel confident and proud about what they wear - and I just love that!

Mavis and Rena are the beautiful and inspiring women behind Smithery Style and I am beyond thankful I've connected with them and learned what their brand is all about. It was nice to try something new and step outside my usual fashion choices (dresses!)

You can use the Shape Finder on their website to find out your shape and learn more about the best, most flattering styles for you. I loved learning more about my shape and different pieces that would be a good fit for me. 
Who are Smithery? "We're a Canadian e-boutique where the best Go-To's for every body shape are curated, styled, and modeled on real women. As stylesmiths, we're taking the guesswork out of style, size, and fit by supplying the measurements for every model and every item in every size. Our favourite part? Each Smithery box comes with styling tips for your new finds."
When the ladies asked me to be a model for their Spring shoot, I was over the moon! I was so inspired by all the creative, sweet and inspiring women who were there that day! It was a full day of fun with pretty outfits, photography, laughs and confetti! I got to wear a number of different outfits (including PANTS which I never ever wear) I loved playing dress up, and trying new things.

We had such a blast and I left feeling better than ever. I got to meet lots of amazing (new) boss babes too, all these beautiful humans were a part of our wonderful day:

Leisse from Leisse Wilcox
Natalie from Nest Design Studio
Lisa from Le Dolci
Laurel from Mint Floral Co
Photos by Lauren Miller 
Hair by Aylin Carolina

This day and the whole experience was super uplifting. I am going to continue to embrace my curves and body and make taking care of myself and feeling (and looking) good a priority for me. I signed up for a gym membership and am taking weekly classes at work too. I've also been doing some meditating (which I am loving) and am just trying to spend more time relaxing, unwinding and being unplugged.

Oh, and the best part? I am offering you $20 OFF any purchase $100 or more - head to Smithery Style and use the code HEYJULES at check out! 

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