July 9, 2017

life, lately [ a summer update ]

// Happy Sunday! ♥ Long time, no talk (or write!) I do feel like there's so much to say and so much that has happened so I will do my best to fill y'all in

- Summer is hereeee! It's been a weird, very rainy one but it's here. & before we know it, it'll be gone! We've pretty much got plans for every weekend for the rest of the Summer and lots to look forward to.

- Weddings, weddings, weddings! You may of remembered me blogging about it a few months back, but I've got a little #sidehustle going on :) -- day-of wedding coordinating! I had my first one one Friday (+ it also happened to be my good pals' wedding) it was just lovely and it felt good to get my first one under my belt. Wedding #2 is happening next Saturday!

- Work is wonderful. I am now now five months into my new job and am just loving it so much. I feel so lucky to be there and to do something I truly love (plan events + make people happy!) It's been busy, but really fun, challenging, and rewarding. I'm so happy!

- Our home is really feeling like home. It has for a while now, but revamping our patio was the icing on the cake and looks sooooo good (I am going to do some before & after photos in a post soon) We've still got some things to do here and there, but things are really coming together and we're loving it (did I mention it's a five minute walk from work?) Our next big project is doing some work to the bedroom to make it as pretty as the rest of the house.

- Wedded bliss! It's been over a year since Pete and I got married, and over NINE of us being together, and I just can't help but gush over him still. We spent the last two days relaxing (actually though), snuggling, walking, adventuring, cleaning, starting to plan our next trip (!!), and just having the best time. I am just so lucky to do life with someone so amazing.

- Catch me on Instagrammm if you want some more constant dedicated life updates :) - I hated stories at first and now I really love doing them. If you don't follow me then let's bee besties + make it happen @heyjulesxo - it's just so much easier to share little bits and pieces there.

& if you still read this little ol' blog, then thank you for not giving up on me! I will still be updating when I can and hopefully more often than I have been lately! I'm not going to lie, it is always on at least one of my "to-do-lists" hehe


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  1. This is an incredibly beautiful space to have a wedding reception. The space is a long hall with a few side rooms (perfect for dancing and hor d'oeuvres). The windows at the end of the NYC wedding venues hall led to magnificently gorgeous panoramic views of the city.


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