September 21, 2017

my weekend in prince edward county

o h    h e l l o    t h e r e  ,   g o r g e o u s!

Life is good, and busy and the blog posts are rolling in slower and less often than planned. But, here I am & here we are and if you're reading this - thank you for sticking around and checking back here for updates.

In August I went on a lovely weekend trip to Prince Edward County with my favourite person ever - my Mom! ♥ Pete was in Nashville for a bachelor party so we headed to do the opposite really. Relax, shop, eat, drink & explore a new (and beautiful) little part of Ontario.

We stayed at an adorable little Bed & Breakfast that was located on a Lavender Farm ♥ Sadly, the lavender was no longer in bloom but we still got to see the fields, smell the glorious smell and shop in the gift shop for magical goodies.

1. Explore the adorable towns - There are so many lovely towns in Prince Edward County to roll through. Each one has lots of little places to eat, drink and shop. Every town is a bit different but has something great to offer.
2. Take in the gorgeous views - The views in PEC are honestly beautiful. Take a look at these sweet photos to know what I am talking about! I was in awe at the gorgeous blue water and bright blue skies.
3. Eat & drink - There's lots of great little places to eat, drink and be merry. We had dinner and a drink on the patio at The Drake Devonshire, had a drink at Courage Bar and a delicious and adorable breakfast at our B&B.
4. Go antiquing - PEC has SO many really cool antique shops, and I love antiquing! They've all got so much character and feel less picked over than the ones in the city. I think my favourite one was Dead People's Stuff (esp cause I find the name pretty funny, haha!)
5. Relax in the countryside - One of my favourite parts about our time in PEC was just taking it all in and relaxing. Trying to unplug, read, spend time with my Mom and just enjoy the little moments. Being away from the city has that effect for sure.

I brought my DSLR to snap some pics to share with y'all. I am trying to make more time to bring my camera out because I am always thankful when I do.

Also, how cute is my mama? 

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