March 10, 2018

i fell in love with a shop called pigment, in san diego!

oh hello there + it's the weekend! yay!

We're having a very chill weekend over here and I cannot express how much this is needed right now. It's been a really crazy, emotionally draining few weeks but all is okay and as always, I am channelling all my positive vibes.

Also, I should note that I feel like I've got so many blog posts ideas in my mind and am really excited that I am actually making them happen. One of my goals for 2018 was to really get blogging more and producing fun, creative, positive content that I hope you'll share.

I've got a few more posts coming up about our California trip (seriously LOVE Cali so much) and today I am sharing photo's from the most beautiful, magical store I've ever been to in my life (oh! em!gee!) As soon as we decided we were going to San Diego (we had previously booked Ojai but didn't end up going because of all the fires), I found out about Shop Pigment and it's safe to say that it did NOT disappoint!

I spent well over an hour in this shop, snapping pics, and exploring through every little perfectly curated corner. I tried not to go totally overboard, but bought some cute as can be items. Looking back now, I wished I went all out because I didn't end up finding a place that I loved this much in downtown L.A!

Pigment is filled with stationery, home decor, gifts, jewellery, party supplies, kids stuff and plants + planters. I loved seeing goodies from Bando and my gal Sarah from Daisy Natives. I'm literally (california) dreaming about going back there someday. 

Find Shop Pigment on social for inspiration:
// @shoppigment on twitter
// @shoppigment on pinterest
// @shoppigment on instagram

& here are the other Cali posts I've shared so far!:


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