April 9, 2018

more happiness hacks! (from the happier podcast)

My favourite podcast to listen to is Happier by Gretchen Rubin. I listen to it at work, while I plan my happiness initiatives + plan to takeover the world and make it happier (lol)

About a year and a half ago I wrote a blog post about what I had learned so far from the Happier podcast, because as you know I am all about that happy liiiife.

I thought I'd do another round up of some great happiness hacks that the podcast has taught me. And if you don't listen to podcasts, I'm gonna say give em' a try! & definitely include Happier on your list. I was jotting down in my notebook some thoughts I heard and really loved!

// H A P P I N E S S   H A C K S :
+ Kiss in the morning and at night - This is such a simple one, but sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of life, we forget the little things like a kiss good morning and one goodnight!

+ Don't put things down, put them away - This one is so simple but I love it! I am trying to get better and putting things where they belong since it will pay off in the long run.

+ Remember love - I think we could all use a reminder about this one on the daily. Nothing says living a happy, fulfilled life than remembering love in all you do!

+ Keep a running list of your favourite things - Gretchen's daughter actually shared this one when she was on, which I just love! It was to keep a list of all your fave things, any type of thing just to document and use as a reference point! (ie: for birthday gift ideas etc!)

+ 18 for 2018 - Goals and resolutions are so fun but can be really tough, especially because they are usually such general things like "read more" but instead an 18 for 2018 can be more specific and attainable, so something more like "read one book every month for a year" would be a good example!

+ Loving actions inspire loving feelings - This is just another reason to practice random acts of kindness however and whenever we can! The more you show and spread that love, the more it will be come back to you!

+ Create a "TA DA" list - Instead of (okay, more like in addition to) a to-do list, create a "ta la" list of all the great things you've achieved and are proud of.

+ Schedule daily transcendence - I need to take my own advice here sometimes, but taking time every day to chill, meditate and enjoy those calm and quiet moments.

+ The one minute rule (do it without delay!) - I think I included this one in my last post, but it's just that good. Gretchen and Elizabeth basically explain that if to you've got one minute to do something you should just do it with that minute you've got! It's one extra thing to cross off the list!

Hope these helped spread a little love & happiness into your day/week/year!

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