September 20, 2010

carly and derek are married!

carly & derek are married!
i can't believe it:) i am so happy for them...
my bff had the most beautiful wedding.
it was so amazing being her maid of honour♥
i love them both SOOOO much!
the wedding was absolutely perfect
i am so sad it's over, i don't know what to do with myself now!
they are on their honeymoon now and i know they'll have the best time.
i am still having troubles with my camera/computer connection..
so i will try to post my photo's as soon as i can!
but for now..
here are a few teasers from the wedding photographer ;;
photo's by dan from blue six creative
how amazing do they look?
i LOVE these photo's!


  1. beautiful photos! congrats to the happy couple!

  2. I attended a wedding on Saturday as well... and they also used a photographer from Blue Six Creative! Those are some lovely shots!

  3. oh wow. those photos look awesome. i think the photographer at a wedding is so super important. i know it will be for me anyway. i can't wait to see yours as well and what you looked like in your maid of honour dress ♥

  4. These are beautiful!!

  5. Those photos in the field are amazing.

  6. I love those photos! The first one is amazing. Hooray to the married couple...

  7. Wow... Super Thanks for posting these. I posted a couple more and will post the full summary soon. (Hit the blog for Carly's post of teasers.

    (@Kari were you at the other wedding in Toronto for Carley and Rich? There is some teasers for them on the blog also)

    Ps: The cupcakes at the wedding were awesome!


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