October 17, 2010

thailand! ko phi phi!

best of thailand!
ko phi phi
so, this time last year me and my boy were in thailand having the time of our lives!
the whole trip was just a dream. we had so much fun together and got to see so many amazing things. we always got to spend a whole week with my uncle al who lives in chiang mai thailand, that was so wonderful. pete and i spent close to 2 weeks in ko phi phi because we fell in love with the place. the beaches, the food, the night life, the thai pancakes, the water, the shops, the people, the free shots, the sunshine, the buckets of booze, the free shots, the parties, the jump rope, and limbo on fire, the people we met!
here are some photo's of our time in ko phi phi


  1. all of those pictures make me want to go to thailand now!!

  2. ooooh. gorgeous. i loved them when i first saw them and i still love them now. so beautiful. i bet you wish you were there more than anywhere in the whole world, i know i do after seeing those photos.

    ps: did you say 'free shots' twice on purpose? hehehe.

  3. fire limbo?! ohmy! That looks like and amazing trip.
    Love the heart in the sand! Too sweet.

  4. Wow, looks beautiful in Thailand!
    You and your boy are so adorable :)

    My Fav is the monkey on the parked bike hehe
    Oh and what are those shots in your hand? ;)



  5. Mmmmmmm... real Thai food! That monkey with the bike looks like he's up to no good, haha!

    - Becca

  6. Looks like an amazing trip!!! Love the photos!! xo

  7. It looks absolutely GORGEOUS! And the monkeys! Ahh, too cute. I loved this post!

  8. wow Thailand looks like a dream come true! i love your headbands, lips and hair in all the pictures! soooo cute and that shot picture is PRICELESS!!!


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