November 16, 2010

happy birthday dad.

hi my loves,
sorry that i have been a bit out of sorts lately with my blog.
my internet has been down & i've been insanely busy, what else is new?
now that things are up & running i will be updatin' on the regular again.

so, today is a very special day, because it's my dad's birthday.
& as most of you dad passed away 8 years ago..
he is and always will be one of the most special,important & inspirational people in my life,
i apologize if my posts about him seems somewhat repetitive,
but i love to write about him and talk about him,
because it helps me remember him.

today i will think of him, as i do every single day, but on his birthday even more so.
i do something every year on november 17th, to show my dad how much we all still miss him.

happy birthday!
today you would of been 64 ♥
we think of you every day, and you are a part of everything we do, every celebration we have, every christmas, every wedding, every smile.
i love you so much ♥

love snige

ps - will you guys do me a favour today? call your dad, or mom or someone in your family or in your life who means the world to you..and tell them you love them. because you can never say it too much!

i always said it to my dad, and i always say it to my family.
and you should never forget how lucky you are to have these people in your life.

have an amazing wednesday guys!
you're awesome.


  1. I'm going to take your advice.
    You dad sounds like he was a wonderful man.

  2. ...I will call my dad today...I live daily with the fear that my dad who will be 82 in December will pass away...I can't imagine my life without him.
    Happy Birthday to your Daddy...and big ((hugs)) to you. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! My friend Kellie passed away and we always have celebratory parties of all her friends and family. We remember all the fun times together. Sending you much love today! <333

  4. Such a lovely post <3 <3 Thinking of you x

  5. This is such a lovely post!


  6. I saw my dad today and he'd grown a moustache. I gave him a cuddle even though he looks ridiculous.

  7. happy birthday to your dad, you are an inspiration. I hope you had a wonderful day x

  8. Happy Birthday to your dad. Your ps is very heartfelt. Love your words and I send you much love! xo

  9. You're so cute, love the blog. Talking about your loved ones is always a great way to remember them.

  10. aww what a lovely post hun :)
    happy birthday to your dad xxx


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