June 3, 2013

Paris love! Delicious food.

Well hello there! Or should I say Bonjour?
So far I've shared two Paris blog posts with you, and tonight I am delighting you with my third!
It's undeniable that one of Paris' best known wonders is the food! Obvi. We had some of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life! Simply devine.

There are a lot of things I love about Paris, and one of them is the art of going out to eat. Typically the french don't eat until after 9pm, which definitely took some getting used to! The restaurants normally don't even open until after 7pm and if you go at that time they are empty. Our first few days we realized that everyone started coming in as we were about to leave. Once we got the feel for the late meal times, we began to enjoy it a lot more. It's so lovely because when people go out to eat, they alllllways buy a bottle of wine, then sit and enjoy three dishes, and definitely always finish it off with dessert, and usually a coffee too. Did I mention that every friggin' meal comes with a bottomless pit of fresh bread?

I love the idea of really sitting down and enjoying your food but more so your company. It's a great way to look at it really. You go out for dinner with your boyfriend, family, friends or whom ever, and you sit there with them, and chat, and laugh and just enjoy. I LOVE it.

Here are a few photo's of some of the delicious food we ate. Although I must admit, usually once dinner came along, I didn't lug around my DSLR camera. Not pictured is my favourite meal I had while in Paris, Beef Bourguignon (OMG) // 

Mmmm. Late night snack anyone?!


  1. All of the food looks absolutely delicious! So amazing. Have a fantastic trip!!

    1. it was the best! thanks! it was awesomeee

  2. You're just making me more anxious to (hopefully) go next year!!! ahhhhhh *_*

  3. That all looks so good!!! Especially the meat and cheeses!

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