November 1, 2013

do something wonderful.

  1. write an old friend a letter
  2. make someone a mix cd
  3. paint your nails all fancy
  4. fill up a bubble bath
  5. make a pot of tea
  6. stay in bed and snuggle
  7. sit in a park and meditate
  8. leave a comment on a blog you follow 
  9. write out a daily to-do list
  10. listen to two beatles songs
  11. call your mom and/or dad to say i love you
  12. look through an old photo album
  13. make yourself a delicious coffee
  14. leave a secret note for your love, friend, co-worker
  15. make an ice cream sundae
  16. light a scented candle
  17. make a homemade greeting card
  18. arrange some fresh flowers
  19. play a song on guitar (or listen to your cute bf do so)
  20. make a fresh fruit salad
  21. email someone who you miss
  22. get some fresh air (and take it all in)
  23. put on your favourite song and dance it out
  24. set some new goals for yourself
  25. write a compliment and leave it for a stranger to find
// Happy November!

Starting the month off right with 25 wonderful things to do in 10 minutes or less! ♥ Enjoy!

I had a great week and such a long and busy day. Tonight Pete made me a delicious french inspired dinner and we drank wine and then watched the new Aziz stand up. I really do love staying in on Friday nights sometimes. It's so nice to just relax and spend time with the babe!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)