September 24, 2014

What I learned from Blog Podium : Part Two

Oh hi there! Happy Wednesday to you all

Tonight I am excited to share the rest of my Blog Podium wrap up post! I am still getting back in to the swing of things and trying to get on top of this whole blogging thing again. Sometimes I cannot believe how quickly the weeks go by. Before I know it, the weekend is here again and there is tons going on! So bare with me, and I hope you enjoy part two of what I learned at Blog Podium!

Bloggers & Brands :
  • Don't focus on numbers. Focus on content and building community
  • After working with a brand, share positive feedback along with stats and media links
  • Be professional, honest and enthusiastic!
  • Treat your blog like a business, even if it's a hobby
  • YOU are a business
  • ALWAYS answer emails (within 48 hours if you can!) * I need to get better at this!
  • Keep learning, creating and reading

Words of wisdom/Building Successes :
  • Goal setting is a massive tool you need to use ; set goals for your blog
  • Decide what your skill set is
  • Treat everybody like their someone really important
  • Don't count on instant gratification, good things take time
  • Pick 3 things that you stand for
  • Create a blog & brand that is purely yours
  • Success is not only measured in money. You will lose the passion very quickly if you only care about money
  • Become an inspiration. Re-inspire yourself on your passions on bringing in new elements
  • Blogging helps make you find your voice
  • Be confident about your information and opinions. Captivate your audience

Closing Notes/Take aways/ Things to remember :
  • Become a digital influencer, focus on what you like best
  • BE YOURSELF ; find your natural skills
  • Celebrate your successes
  • If you keep doing what you love, eventually someone will notice
  • It's not all about metrics and numbers and fame, it's about make a difference, finding your voice and doing what you love
  • Remember why you starting blogging, and focus on why you really love doing it

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