March 16, 2015

"don't feel deflated, you're so awesome"

I wouldn't say I hate Monday's, but I have never necessarily loved them. Recently I've decided the change my view on the poor day that gets so much negativity from everyone. If any day of the week gets bullied, it's definitely Monday. So, here I am with my new found love for the day! Care to join the Monday movement with me?

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunny day in Toronto. I headed to the post office to pick up a parcel that had arrived for me, and then headed to Kensington Market. As soon as I got home, I put on some Etta James and opened the most perfect, sparkly package of all time.

You may of read a blog post I did a few months ago about my Girl Crush/Life Hero Tiffany Pratt and having the opportunity to meet her at an event in November. Well, in February Tiff lead an awesome DIY event for Forever 21, and we got to meet again, and well if I do say so myself - become besties a little bit (hehehe!) Tiff is one of the most beautiful, creative, dynamic people I've ever met and I am legit honoured to now be able to call her my friend. If I am ever feeling bummed or in need of some inspiration, I can alwayyyyys get it from her. Everything she touches turns to gold (or should I say, turns to glitter!)

Take a peak at this amazing sparkle explosion she sent me! It made my day (week)! and was a perfect way to start my week on the right foot. And, yes she has her own custom hot pink sharpies! Check out Tiffany if you want some to add some happiness in to your day (trust me, you do)

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