March 10, 2015

the art of writing letters

I love writing things down. I am pretty old fashioned in the sense that I still much prefer writing things down, like lists and greeting cards, rather than typing them.

I love sending letters and packages to friends, family, and sweet awesome bloggers I've met over the years. There is something so special about receiving a letter or a card in the mail! I get so excited to see something other than a bill or a flyer, gives me serious warm fuzzies.

This year I've been trying to get back in to writing letters, and it feels great! On the weekends I like to set some time aside to write and create cute little cards, letters and packages. Here are a few photo's of my letter writing essentials ;

* cute pens and/or markers
* a delicious coffee (always a bonus)
* adorable and colourful stationery
* washii tape
* envelope(s)
* stickers
* confetti/sparkles

Hope this posts inspires you to send a little love and sunshine to someone you love! ♥


  1. I would love to send you a letter Jules! Let me know if you're ever looking for a penpal <3

  2. So lovely! I really need to get back to penpaling! Also, I am addicted to those flair pens!! I had no idea they came in those pretty pastels...I must hunt them down! <3


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