April 13, 2015

happiness will find you.

I absolutely love this saying! It's a good reminder if you're ever going through a tough time. Happiness will always find it's way back to you.

This video makes me really happy.

My cutie pal Toni's "big list" is adorable and makes me happy.

I am SO happy, and the countdown is on until our Ireland & Scotland trip

// Hoping you find happiness today and this week. Monday, you've been good to us.

What is making you happy today?


  1. Ok lets' go. Edinburgh to eat...Hendersons (healthy lovely veggie food and cakes), Vittorias (best Italian in Edinburgh, they have two restaurants and are my favourite), Lucano's kitchen for cakes and awesome coffee, Golf Tavern for a bit of a Scottish feel with incredible pub food. Great quirky shops in the grass market/royal mile area as well as Morningside and bruntsfield area. We have wonderful botanical gardens and also have the meadows to chill with a mini picnic it it's nice. The ghost bus tour is hilarious, as are the other ghost tours available. Gives you a great insight into the history of the city. The ordinary bus tour is great too. The royal mile also has our parliament and the residence of the Queen when she is about! It's such a compact city that you can pretty much walk everywhere. South Queenferry isn't far away and they do boat tours around our incredible bridges (forth rail bridge is a sight to see!). Also the beautiful coastal town of North Berwick is just a short train ride away.

    Hope this is all helpful, my email is kmacsporran@hotmail.com if you need anymore info or anything really!

    Kel xxx

    1. omgggg you are SUCH a sweetheart! thanks so much for doing this! pete and i sat down last night and started making lists of places we wanted to go and we wrote all of this down.

      thank you again! i am so excitedddd


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