June 22, 2015

saving up for my dream wedding - Marriage X Meridian

Hello & Happy Monday Everyone!

I had the most amazing jam-packed weekend of fun. I am ready to take on this week and how do I say it? Get shit done. Now that the venue is booked and the date is set, we definitely have a few more things to knock off our list in the next month or so. 

One thing I really need to get sorted is our budget for everything beyond the venue. I am looking forward to taking part in a twitter chat (one of my new fave things by the way) hosted by Meridian all about finance when it comes to getting married.
// The Meridian Marriage Twitter Chat is this Wednesday June 24th at 11:30 am EST time

// Get connected: Follow @MeridianCU on Twitter and use the hashtag #MarriageXMeridian

// Ask questions, get answers. Just tweet your questions and concerns to @MeridianCU and join the conversation! You also have the chance to win a honeymoon swag bag valued at $100 (!!!!)
* This is a sponsored post. Please know that I only work with brands or campaigns that are ones I believe in and are a good fit for my lifestyle and blog.

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