November 8, 2015

Wine & Cheese Please! - Enigma Wine Review

H e l l o   S u n d a y !

Pete and I had an awesome weekend! It was pretty low key but we still had a fun and productive time. Since we are just under seven months from our wedding, we are doing more date nights in, that way we can save some dough, and keep it nice & cosy! It's definitely one of my favourite kinds of nights. 

We headed out for a walk to get some cheese and snacks to go with this delicious Enigma wine! I've been really in to white wine for the last while, but I must admit with the seasons changing and the cold weather approaching, I am loving red too. We tried a bit of each wine with our late lunch/early dinner.

Enigma is definitely a great find for a delicious and affordable wine! It's currently hitting the shelves at all LCBO stores, and retails for $13.95 - now that the holidays are getting closer, it's a perfect wine for a hostess gift, your holiday party or to give friends and co-workers. We will be stocking our bar for the holidays with Enigma for those sweet cosy nights celebrating with friends! ♥


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