January 17, 2016

whish wedding - part eight, a wedding planning update!

h a p p y    s u n d a y
Oh it was a longggg week, and this weekend has been quite lovely. Pete is at his bro's bachelor party for the weekend so I've just been puttering, and getting some stuff done. I am ready for him to come home now though!

I thought it was time to do a little wedding update since it's been a while since I've shared anything with you guys! We are now less than five months away for our BIG day - WOW, I cannot believe it. Time really really does fly. I have taken little pieces of advice from friends, family and fellow bloggers about the whole experience of wedding planning. I am just really trying to enjoy every moment of the planning process, and stay calm but mostly excited!

I can honestly say that so far I have absolutely loved planning our wedding. Pete has been involved and is totally in to making the day ours and the best damn party ever for the people we love most.

So, I decided to make a general list of (big-ish) wedding things (it's pretty crazy that this isn't close to everything, but just the things off the top of my head!):
  • Choose a date to get married!
  • Pick a wedding venue!
  • Select bridal party!
  • Find a wedding DJ!
  • Pick a wedding photographer!
  • Choose our MC's for the evening!
  • Mail save the dates!
  • Find an officiant!
  • Book our hotels for the night before & night of!
  • Book a limo for the day of the wedding!
  • Find Bridesmaid dresses! (3/4 done!)
  • Find Groomsmen outfits!
  • Choose a florist!
  • Pick wedding colours/theme!
  • Choose a first dance song! - we are deciding between a few!
  • Order a wedding cake!
  • Finalize a list of our favourite songs for the night of!
  • Find shoes to wear with the dress! - there's so many options!
  • Choose date(s) for our wedding shower(s)!
  • Choose a date for the Bachelor/Bachlorette parties!
  • Practice our first kiss! - i know right?
  • Decide who is doing a speech!
  • Write our own vows! - i am crying just thinking of it
  • Choose readings for the wedding!
  • Choose walking down the aisle song! - it's between two right now
  • Help mother of the bride find a dress!
  • Choose menu for dinner!
  • Make a hashtag for the big day! #whishwedding
  • Book a honeymoon! spain & england!
  • Find jewellery for day of wedding!
  • Make our wedding bands!
  • Book the rehearsal dinner!
  • Create our seating chart!
  • Find someone to do our hair!
  • Find someone to do our makeup!
  • Book nail appointment for day before the wedding!
  • Choose our wedding flowers! - feb 1st, can't wait!
  • Decide on what we're doing for favours! - these are gonna be cute!
  • Write the bride & groom speech!
  • Design & mail invitations! - worked on this today with my pal ames!
  • Get gifts for our groomsmen!
  • Get gifts for our bridesmaids!
  • Create/Make guestbook!
  • Make all decisions on decor!
  • Craft all of the cute decorations for the day!
  • Order balloons & any special props!
  • Create itinerary for the day of the wedding!
  • Make an inspiration board for the wedding!
  • Make LOTS of confetti!
  • Get lots of adorable paper straws!
So, as you can see wedding planning involves a lotttt of lists, but this is what has been keeping me on track! I am feeling really good about where we are right now, we have a few bigger things to do but after that it's all the fun stuff like crafting, and all things that include glitter and confetti! Time has already flown by so fast and I know these next few months will too!

I've taken a few little photos of sneak peaks from the wedding, but Pete and I really want to surprise everyone and make it seriously awesome! So I am trying to keep it all until the end (so this is a warning that there will be a lot of wedding blog posts after May 28th)

Oh baby, this is it....132 days to go!!!

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