February 17, 2016

cute by jules (an update!)

Happy Wednesday Loves!

I wanted to share a little update on my cute by jules adventure! If you've been following along with me for the last while you'll know that in the fall I was lucky enough to be chosen by Etsy as the host of the 30 Day Etsy Challenge - together, with an amazing team of inspiring staff and mentors, I was able to open my own shop in 30 days! I also got to star in some really cool videos and be a part of a really great and supportive community.

I was able to open my own shop which was so incredible and something I've wanted to do for so long! However, I will admit the timing hasn't been great since I am also PLANNING MY WEDDING (!!!) hahaha :) I have some prints available in my shop but I want to add so many more and a bunch of new products as well. I love creating things and know this is just the beginning

My book of ideas is always growing and as soon as I have the time to focus on this I promise to crush it. I decided that after our wedding is over (and I get super sad that I don't have a big cute event to plan) that I will focus on my Etsy shop and grow it to be what I've always dreamed of ♥

Here are some photos of my handwritten quotes (still working on finding the perfect prints made at the right place!) but this is a good start.

Can't wait to add more things to my shop & spread some happiness and cuteness in to the world!:

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