February 18, 2016

100 days until our wedding! :)

Ummmm you guys, today is 100 days until our wedding!

So, I have to say people aren't kidding around when they say how fast the time will pass and then BAM, you're 100 days away from marrying your dream hubby!

It's been a good six weeks or so for Pete & I, we crushed a lot of big things off of our wedding to-do list and it feels seriously amazing! We are getting so close and now that we are only 100 days away, shit is getting REAL. I am so excited because now its the really fun part! The party planninggggg, the crafting, the decor, the sparkles, the flowers and making every little detail reflect Pete & I - ahhh, legit so excited.

Here's what's left of our to-do list for #whishwedding:
- confirm music for day of the wedding
- write our speech
- send out our invitations
- meet with our wedding venue
- get our wedding bands made
- write our own vows
- make our seating chart
- craft all of our favours for guests
- order balloons for day of the wedding
- get gifts for our groomsmen
- get gifts for our bridesmaid
- create a day of itinerary
- meet with our wedding MC's (my brothers!)
- find vintage suitcase
- choose jewellery for the bride
- help mother of the bride&groom find a dress
- do all of the DIY's for decor
- plan the bachelorette party
- plan the bachelor party
- rent pretty gold chairs
- book a limo for the day of the wedding
- apply for our marriage license
- make/prepare guestbook
- order menu's for dinner
- create a "day of" wedding program for guests
- write out table settings
- create/make a setting chart for guests
- put together toiletry baskets for washrooms
- choose groomsmen outfits
- choose our readings for our big day
- get my dress altered
- try my shoes (i ordered them!) on with my dress
- get custom napkins made


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