March 20, 2016

( first day of spring!)

Happy First Day of Spring Y'all! ♥

I am so excited Spring is officially here. Although the weather in Toronto this weekend wasn't the warmest, we definitely got some serious sunshine.

I had an awesome jam packed weekend. My Mom and I went to the seamstress for me to try on my dress and get it fitted - it went so well! I am so happy with the dress I chose and my shoes are seriously awesome too. This is all getting so real it's insane. Pete's away in Portugal right now for work and although the first few days he was gone I was keeping really busy and doing lots, now I am officially ready for him to come home - life is so boring without him!

Last night I celebrated a good friends birthday only to find out he had just proposed to his girlfriend! Bring on the weddings! Today was a lovely day, first day of Spring, the best day of the week and inter national day of Happiness! :) I went for a nice long walk, got some fresh flowers and fruit and then crushed it. Did a good workout, took a bubble bath, did some wedding planning!

I am excited that Spring is here! It's the season we get married in (omgggg) and there is so much to look forward to in the next few months. How was your first day of Spring? Hope it was perfect!

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