March 17, 2016

St.Patrick's Day // Our trip to Ireland (I love this place!)

h a p p y   s t  p a t t y s   d a y
Hey you! Today is St. Patrick's Day, and I thought it would be fun for me to post some photo's of Pete and I's trip to Ireland last May! For obvious reasons, like the fact that Pete and I got ENGAGED, Ireland is one of my favourite places. It was on my travel bucket list for a while and it was definitely everything I wanted it to be (and more!) 

The people are absolutely lovely and so kind, they have the best accents, everything is SO lush, the houses and buildings are beautiful, the air is crisp and fresh, the pubs are awesome, the trees smell amazing, everywhere you look there is something to be inspired by.

Travel is a big part of my life and I realized I didn't even shared all our photo's from Ireland after we got home last Spring.

Pete proposed while we were staying in the most magical place ever. The Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara Island. It was a real old castle surrounding by some of the most beautiful views I've been lucky enough to see. For that reason and so many others, Ireland will always hold a special place in my heart.

Next up on our travel bucket list - Spain & England, on our Honeymoon! I will post more about that adventure soon.

Here are some Ireland photo's in spirit of this lucky, wonderful day!

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