March 13, 2016

Whish Wedding - Part Eight, Our Invitations!

happy sunday!

We had a seriously lovely weekend ♥ - can't believe we're already half way through March. Sorry for my lack of updates on here lately but all of my free time has pretty much been spent wedding planning because we've only got 76 days to go! (omg)

I honestly didn't even know where to start for wedding invitations. I've seen so many online and in magazines that I love but wanted to do something different and fun and something that reflected us. Also, after my whole 30 day etsy challenge adventure I decided I really wanted to hand write our invites.

Luckily my work bestie Amy happens to be an incredibly talented and wonderful designer. We worked together collecting inspiration and doing drafts and then coming up with this design together! All of the font is my printing/hand writing and of course the little hearts too. I am SO beyond happy with what we came up with together and we had lots of cute little extras to make the whole package just perfect!

We wanted to make it fun and playful and reflect who Pete and I are as a couple! (aka the "together with their families and besties" part :) - each invite came with a RSVP card that had a spot for guests names and favourite song, an info card with some extra details about the big day. We tied them together with cute stripey twine and then put it inside an envelope stuffed with heart shaped confetti (lol, obvioussssly) 

I hand wrote all the guests names and addresses on the front of each envelope - this was a no brainer for me as I am the queen of writing things and it makes it extra fun and personal. We've only got about five more to mail out and this will happen in the next few days.

Things are getting so real as we get closer and closer to May 28th! I am so thankful that we have so many amazing and special friends who can help make our wedding dreams a reality.

Here are some snaps of our invitations, what do you guys think?! :

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