July 10, 2016

whish wedding, part nine - our wedding day songs!

As promised, I am going to share all the little details of our wedding day! One thing I loved to read about while planning our wedding is what couples choose for music on their big day.

Pete and I definitely put a lot of thought in to choosing meaningful, fun songs for our day. Which for us meant not just googling "best song to use for your first dance" and just choosing something random from a list. We actually spent so much time on finding our perfect songs for each special moment and I am beyond stoked with how they all turned out!

Walking down the aisle - She's a rainbow by The Rolling Stones
We chose this one because it's just a beautiful song. My Dad passed away and his favourite band was The Rolling Stones so I wanted this to be a tribute to him since he was not there to walk me down the aisle. It was amazing having my brothers there to walk me down to this song. I've always loved it.

Once we were married, back down the aisle - Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder
This is a song I've always loved and Pete too. Stevie is all above the up beat good vibe kinda songs and we thought it fit our day & vibe perfectly.

Bridesmaid Entrance - Bad Girls by MIA
Pete & I wanted to choose something really fun but different for our bridal party entrance. Instead of pairing a groomsmen with a bridesmaid we had all bridesmaids come in together & all groomsmen came in together

Groomsmen Entrance - Bad Boys for life by P.Diddy
We had the bad boys come in to a classic bad boy anthem of our lifetime, which obbbbbviously means the classic "bad boys for life!" SO good.

Bride & Groom Entrance - All I do is win by DJ Khalid
Pete and I wanted this to be a really fun up beat tune that would also nothing too sappy or predictable. We both love this song and thought it would be a hilarious way to enter the dining room at our wedding reception for the first time as husband and wife!

Father/Daughter Dance - My Girl by The Temptations
Since my step Dad Blair and I were doing the father/daughter dance I wanted to choose something special but also happy. Not being able to have my Dad there for our father/daughter dance was really tough, so dancing so such a classic, wonderful song with Blair was just perfect.

Mother/Son Dance - Days like this by Van Morrison
We asked Pete's Mom if she had a special song she loved to dance with Pete to. She sent us a few and we had a listen. Pete and I both agreed that this one was our favourite. Such special meaningful lyrics and truly a beautiful, happy song to listen/dance to

Bride & Groom Dance - This was a medley! We started with I Will by The Beatles, then we transitioned to Have yourself a merry little Christmas by Michael Buble then we ended with Iginition by R Kelly (lololol, it's hilarious to tell people this)
Honestly, our first dance(s) was one of my favourite parts of the wedding.When choosing our first dance song it was so tough because we had so many from our many years together that could of been perfect. We both love The Beatles and I Will is definitely one of my favourite songs by them, it's just so dreamy - so we played about a minute of that and then the song transitioned to Have yourself a merry little Christmas by Michael Buble (if you didn't know this already, I am obsessed with CHRISTMAS!) and everyone started cheering and clapping as Pete & I danced and laughed. It was honestly perfect. Once we finished with that tune we headed in to the final song - Ignition! This is when we grabbed some friends and family and got the dancing and party going. This is of of both of our favourite songs ever!

We had a great time choosing our songs. My advice for future brides/grooms would be to think about it early and come up with some fun options and have a little listening party with your future husband/wife so you can both decide on your favourites together! They really help tie the day together in a really magical way.

Next up I will be sharing some more wedding photo's from our amazzzzing photographer!


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