September 2, 2016

(it's almost) autumn + some goals!

Well, HAPPY September! ♥

Not quite sure how that happened, but Summer is coming to an end and September is already here. We had such an awesome jam packed Summer and it really flew by! Looking back, it feels like we did so much. Now, I am not overly stoked that Summer is over...however I could not be more ready/excited for Autumn to arrive.

I am not excited in a basic b way, but in a "this is literally what I wait for all year" kind of way. I feel so lucky to live in a place where we get to experience all four seasons. Autumn is my favourite season for SO many reasons, but to name a few:
  • The weather (ohhhh baby) the weather. This is what I dream of weather-wise. Cool days and nights and good hair that doesn't get all sweaty. Toques, and scarves and sweaters and neutral pretty kinda clothing. It's honestly perfection. Oh, and it's perfect timing to get full bangs again! I feel most comfortable this time of year as I am not a fan of really hot weather.
  • A fresh start! It's not quite the new year but there is something about the end of Summer/Back to School time of year that leaves me feeling excited and inspired. It's a time to start some new goals, get things done that you didn't have time for all Summer and look forward to the next few months.
  • Pumpkins, apples & all the fall-like things! I know this sounds so silly but these things make me so excited. I love the colours of Fall and the flavours, smells and overall vibe. It's about getting cosy, and enjoying cooler more chill days.
  • Relaxation. Since we only get a few months of hot weather in Canada we tend to cram a lot in to our Summers! Visiting with friends, family, going to the cottage, exploring the city, celebrations - all of the fun! Autumn is when things slow down a bit for all to enjoy
  • One of the biggest reasons I love this season so much is that it means CHRISTMAS is coming, and if you follow me on my blog, Instagram or know me IRL, then you know that my favourite thing in the whole worllllllld is Christmas ♥ As soon as September hits, before we know it Thanksgiving is here, and then Halloween & then the official Christmas countdown is on! 
So there it is, my love affair with Autumn is now here for all of you to see! We still have a little while before we start really feeling the season here in Toronto but it's most definitely on my mind ♥

Here's what I have on my Autumn Bucket List so far:
  • drink hot apple cider 
  • visit a new coffee shop (& blog there!)
  • do a family photoshoot at the cabin
  • go to the pumpkin patch
  • do a fall outfit post
  • roast pumpkin seeds
  • fill our home with fall flowers & decor
  • snuggle on a sunday
  • drink coffee & read a good book
  • go apple picking
  • get a new fall lipstick colour
  • go to an antique market
  • make homemade chilli
  • have a "fall movie" day
  • explore a new toronto neighbourhood
  • make french onion soup
  • make a sunday roast dinner for pete
  • create some new prints for my etsy shop
  • go see a scary movie 
  • do a fall inspired DIY

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  1. Fall is my absolute favourite too! Because a) Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday and b) PUMPKINNN. Ugh seriously. If you haven't tried roasted pumpkin yet, do it this season! It's like squash but sweeter. I want to learn how to make french onion soup. All the mixes and pre-made ones aren't gluten free and its definitely one of my most missed foods.

    YAY for fall!

    xo, Kait.


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