August 29, 2016

our road trip to pittsburgh!

Hello & Happy Monday!

A few weeks ago Pete and I went on a road trip with my brother Dave and his boyfriend Mikey. We wanted to go somewhere new & explore and since Pittsburgh is only about five hours from Toronto we thought it would be fun to go for it.

We all researched some cool places to go and before we knew it we had a seriously jam packed weekend on our hands! We had lots of laughs, good drinks, great food and saw some really awesome stuff. I am sure there are some cool things we didn't quite get to in our weekend in Pittsburgh, but here are six things to do/see while you're there:

1. The Ace Hotel // We spent a lotttt of time at The Ace Hotel during our short time in Pittsburgh. It's a beautiful, bright and unique space and we just fell in love with it. We had dinner there on Friday night (omg, so good), We had coffee there Saturday morning and then we made it back for cocktails and good times on Saturday night! We found a big party in the gymnasium and of course took some Photo Booth photo's.

2. Mattress Factory // What an insanely cool place. The mattress factory was a bunch of big houses with art installations inside. It was honestly amazing. I am not an overly huge fan of museums and galleries but this was one of my favourites. It was REALLY hot, but we spent a good four hours checking it out, and then having lunch at the cafe inside. 

3. Randyland // Where all your weirdest & wildest dreams come true. This was one of the first places I found when doing some research on Pittsburgh. It's basically just a giant house and yard filled with crazy colourful garbage (lol) it was a short walk from mattress factory and a very awesome and photo worthy spot to visit!

4. Andy Warhol Museum // This was our very stop on our weekend adventures! WHAT A COOL PLACE! Andy Warhol was such a amazing, creative artist and I loved learning more about his life and his art. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh so it felt extra special to be there. 

5. Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens // This was on our last stop (and was actually the hottest day ever) but was most definitely worth it. It was actually my first time going to a botanical garden, and if you know me you know one of my favourite things in life are flowers! We saw so many cool plants and flowers and rooms of all different themes. Definitely check it out if you're visiting.

6. The Vandal // I found The Vandal online and thought it seemed like the coolest restaurant in Pittsburgh and I think I was right! We actually tried to go there a few times until we finally made it there on Sunday for brunch. The coffee and food was delicious and it was so cool inside! We all really enjoyed it and think it was worth the wait! 

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