October 18, 2016

This Can Be Beautiful

H E L L O  G O R G E O U S ♥
// Ok, so it seems like I blinked and we're more than half way through October. It's been almost two weeks since my last blog post (sorry!) and it's been an insane couple of weeks for sure.

So, I've gotta gush over this book because it was written by one of my favourite humans of ALL TIME! If you don't know who Tiffany Pratt is yet - it's time you got to know her. I've been following along on Tiff's crafty adventures for a few years now and have had the pleasure to get to know her IRL. What I love about Tiff is that she as beautiful, creative, positive, exciting and inspiring in real life as she is on her Instagram, on TV and in her book!

She's got a zest for life like no one I've ever met and what she creates is beyond incredible. Her world is filled with colour, patterns and GLITTER (can you tell why we get along so well!?) 

Basically what I am trying to say is, Tiffany Pratt is my spirit animal.

She inspires me to follow my dreams, to make, to create, and to live a life of colour and love. Tiffany just came out with her first ever book and it is literally a dream come true. It's filled with the most magical DIY's, and beautiful colours, confetti and you guessed it -- GLITTER! Tiff proves that everyone can be crafty and creative and that you don't need to be Martha Stewart to make beautiful things. 

The book is filled with crafts to try at home like tie dye sheets, salt bath, hair powder, body scrub, streamers, candy heart studs, donut hole necklaces and so much more!

Here is a quote I love from the end of the book:

"This Can Be Beautiful is about returning to our true and little selves. It's about loving and accepting who we are, and making magic with the tools we have at hand. Children can make something out of nothing every time. They can turn a stick into a wand and wish on a petal. And, now, as your fairy godmother of glitter, I wish for you to take steps every day to return to a place inside of yourself and the place inside your home that is filled with treasures ready for you to celebrate and use. Embrace the life you always wanted while using what you already have. Wave your own magic wand, become your own fairy godmother, and little by little, develop that mantra for yourself. All you have to do is remember: This Can Be Beautiful"

I'm so glad I am blessed to know the magical human who is Tiff and I hope you will let her full your life with joy and love. You can get a copy of Tiff's book on Amazon & Chapters/Indigo and you can follow along on Tiffany Pratt's adventures on here Instagram and on her new&lovely website

*Thank you for being you Tiff, you make the world a better, happier, more sparkly place!*

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