October 5, 2016

whish wedding - part fourteen, decor details!

h a p p y ( w e d d i n g ) w e d n e s d a y
( all photo's by jessica silva photography )
Ok maybe I just wanted an excuse to blog about wedding stuff, because let's be honest weddings are one of my favourite things in life(!!)

As promised, I am sharing all of our wedding day details for y'all and today is probably my favourite topic - DECOR! ♥ If you follow me on my personal instagram & cute by jules instagram then you know that cute little decor and details are my jam. I had so much fun planning our wedding and a big part of that was coming up with every little detail of our day to totally reflect us.

Anything that I could craft, make or hand write myself I did and I had many a craft nights during our year of planning. With that being said, I wouldn't of had it any other way. My apologies on how image heavy this post is, but here we go...

For our guestbook we did a giant map of the world for everyone to sign (Pete & I met while working on a cruise ship and both work in travel so I loved this idea), for our cards from guests we did a vintage suitcase with a "cards" banner, I made confetti and stuffed mini confetti packets with a label that said "throw kindness around like confetti", and had mini kleenex packs with stickers that said "happy tears" on them.

We had guests write "happy notes" notes to us (this are so cute and also hilarious), our sweets table was a beautiful mess of pastel/confetti/colourful/cuteness and basically the cutest cakes and sweets, mason jars dipped in paint filled with gorgeous flowers, the prettiest paper straws, the biggest balloons, a mini volkswagon van photobooth (yes, this is a thing and it's THE BEST), gold glittered letters saying WHISH (my new last name!) & gold glittered hearts with our "table numbers" inside AKA beatles song titles...Annnnnnd the thing that took me the longest was the hand written notes I did for every guest! (I am going to do a whole post on these soon)

Looking at the photo's by our amazing photographer Jess just make my heart so happy. I can't wait to get more prints and really document our big day in a special way. I am thinking maybe a scrapbook or memory book filled with photo's, notes, speeches and all the details of our wedding day.

Thanks to anyone who has been following along on our #whishwedding fun, if you want to see some of my past wedding posts, below are a few of my favourites:

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