February 22, 2017

Wedding Whishes Feature - Abby + Jeremy // Brooklyn, New York

A  B  B  Y    &   J  E  R  E  M  Y
Hello loves! Happy Tuesday and I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. We had an amazing one here in Toronto (it was really feeling like Spring around here!)

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago - a new feature I am introducing on Hey Jules is all about real, amazing, creative, fun weddings! I had so much fun planning our wedding and continue to love weddings in general.

I want to share some of my favourite weddings from friends of mine, whether I know them personally and attended the wedding, or they are internet besties of mine.

First up on my new Wedding Whishes feature is Abby & Jeremy! Let me talk about Abby for a second. We've been following each other on Instagram for a few years now and instantly hit it off. Abby has impeccable style, is so creative, beautiful and full of good vibes. Not only that, but we got married the same weekend last May ♥ Her and Jeremy had an insanely cool wedding and I just adore every last detail. I want to go to NYC again soon so Pete and I can become pals with these two!

Here are some wedding related questions I asked Abby! Head over to her instagram and give her a follow if you're not already! She's so cool. Get lurkin':
instagram - @clothesandpizza
twitter - @clothesandpizza

1) Tell me a bit about yourself and your hubby! How did you meet? Give us a bit of your love story! Jeremy and I met in a shitty dive bar in the Lower East Side in 2009. He says he hit on me, and I say I hit on him, but neither of us can really remember the details through the booze fog. Our relationship didn't really take off for a few years (he moved out of state, then he moved back. Then I moved out of state). When I moved back to NYC in 2013, the timing was finally right.
2) How did you choose your wedding day readings and first dance songs? We wanted to keep the ceremony short and sweet, so we didn't include any readings. But we wrote our own vows to keep things super personal. We spent a lot of time thinking about the music for our wedding. In fact, the only big argument we got in during wedding planning was about the music! We walked down the aisle to Intro by The XX, which is a pretty dramatic and kinda sexxxy song. Our first dance was to Down By The Water by The Drums. It's totally cheesy and emo in the best way. 
3) What was your favourite way to plan and brainstorm your big day? Magazines, Blogs, Pinterest, Wedding Shows etc? I spent an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest, and read a lot of wedding blogs. I even wrote a blog while we planned the wedding which you can read here.
4) How did you choose your wedding month + date? Venues in NYC book up realllllly far in advance (like years), so when we found the venue we loved (a raw industrial loft in Brooklyn), we didn't have a ton of flexibility on the date. We ended up getting married the Friday of Memorial Day weekend because there were no Saturdays left for the entire year!
5) Do you have any tips or tricks on finding the perfect wedding dress? Try on a lot of dresses! Try on everything! Every silhouette and style you can get your hands on. You will be surprised by what looks good on you. I found both of my dresses (the crochet dress for the ceremony and the sequin one for the reception) on Etsy. I wear a lot of vintage in my everyday life, so finding vintage dresses was a huge plus for me. Plus, it saved us a bunch of money!
6) Were you the type of bride to use a paper notebook/planner or spreadsheets? What did you find most useful and why? I used Google sheets like it was my job! I had probably 10 different spreadsheets going at any given time. I found them really useful because they are collaborative (I could edit them in real time with my mom and fiancĂ©). I also had a a few manila folders with contracts, floor plans, menus, and other papers to help keep us organized. I had a bunch of shared Pinterest boards going as well. 
7) What things were most important to you and your fiance when planning your day? We were really focused on throwing a good party, while not spending a ton of money! We didn't have a huge budget to work with, so we had to be pretty creative/flexible. I'm a graphic designer and Jeremy has a background in custom fabrication, so we were kind of the accidental wedding planning dream team. We DIY-ed almost everything (the invitations, decor, centerpieces, wedding favors, tablecloths, teepee, signage!) Planning our wedding turned into a project we got to do together, which was awesome. 
8) How would you describe your overall vibe and theme of your wedding day? We wanted to the vibe to very laid back, relaxed, and unpretentious—kind of like us. I had a really hard time nailing down a theme for the wedding, so we just made things we liked and hoped that it all came together! We're not religious or very traditional, so we made up our own structure for the day. We did some traditional things like the first dance, but we didn't have a wedding party, bouquet toss, or even a cake.
9) What are some of your favourite wedding blogs/instagrams for inspiration? You! I got so much inspiration and support from you along the way. Since our weddings were only a day apart, it was really awesome to have someone in my life who was going through the exact same thing. I read your blog and it really helped me keep our planning on track. (ok - *EDIT* Abby, you're SOOO cute. thank you! you're just the raddest) I also read A Practical WeddingRuffledGreen Wedding Shoes, and Offbeat Bride.
10) Do you have any advice to share for future brides and grooms?! Oh geez. Try to keep everything in perspective—your wedding is about you two, not your guests, and not your parents. Don't overspend (no one will notice the little details that you're stressing about). If you can afford it, splurge for a videographer. Receiving our wedding video 6 months after our wedding was the BEST thing ever. Of all the things we spent money on, our video was by far the most special. The day will go by SO fast (everyone tells you this, but it really does), and being able to relive the day through the video was priceless. 

Ceremony Dress: Etsy
Reception Dress: Etsy
Flowers: Wyld
Videographer: Max & Molly Films
Doughnuts: Dough
Invitations/Signage/Swag: Abby Mills (bride) 
Getting Ready Venue: The Wythe Hotel

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