March 2, 2017

Hello March + Goals!

H E L L O     M A R C H ♥

I know I'm a day late, but such is life! Oh what a week it has been. Such a really, really great week. I am feeling so happy and excited about so much right now. (I know generally I always am, but even more so lately)

As I mentioned, it's been a busy couple weeks/months lately with lots of exciting things happening. I am almost three weeks in to my new job and I could not be more thrilled about how it's going! On top of that we've had our housewarming and have been celebrating lots of birthday's and awesome times with family and friends. Also, last weekend I got to play model for the day with some seriously amazing and inspiring women for some new Spring clothes for Smithery Style

It's been a while since I've posted my monthly goals so I thought this is as good as a time as any to get back into it! :) Here are some goals for March, can't wait for Spring!

+ Take my DSLR camera out on some adventures and take some photo's
+ Sign up for a new gym membership (and actually go to the gym)
+  Read a book (or even two!)
+ Work on some hand lettering prints
+ Finish and post my 2017 goals (lol @ the fact that I haven't done this yet)
+ Take time to read through my pile of magazines
+ Try a new brunch spot in Toronto
+ Have a "spa day/night" at home
+ Visit a new coffee shop
+ Spend some time filling up my Day Dreamer book from Thimblepress

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