April 25, 2017

parabo press + 25 FREE prints!

h  a  p  p  y    t  u  e  s  d  a  y

I wanted to share some photo's of the beautiful prints I recently got from Parabo Press -- they are beyond wonderful. And I've got to say, I am so glad that places like this exist because I am personally a lover of printing my photo's, no matter how old school this may be.

I've always been one to take (and print) photo's and I love the evolution of prints and what they've become over the past few years. There's so much room to get creative and create some really special keepsakes, gifts and ways to commemorate special moments.

I've been especially excited about ordering prints since the wedding (of course!) and I've ordered so many for us, family & friends! 

Today I am sharing some prints I recently ordered from such an amazing company - Parabo Press! I absolutely love what they create and was beyond thrilled with how my prints turned out. Not to mention they literally have the most beautiful packaging EVER(!!!) Also, I made a 2017 calendar all of my FLOWER photo's *swoon*

& since I love y'all so much I am offering you 25 FREE prints if you use the code JULES at check out! Now for my next adventure? Finding a way to organize & display all of these cute prints!

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