May 8, 2017

dreams + goals + plans, oh my!

d r e a m s   //   g o a l s   //   p l a n s 

I'm so happy Spring is finally here! Although, it's been really rainy and quite chilly in Toronto lately. Things have been go go go with my new job and I am absolutely, positively LOVING every minute of it (I am so so lucky!)

Pete and I have been in Spring cleaning mode and also been preparing for a(nother) fun Summer! I'm currently working on my Summer bucket list, and I can't wait to share it with y'all. ♥

I've got never ending to-do-lists in my mind and in cute notebooks and online, and I still feel like I have even more things to add to them daily. I've got a fun post coming soon where I share some tips on making goals and staying organized/planning!

Yay! in the meantime, you can aaaaalways find me on insta, tweeting here & there, and pinning cute shit. I'm still here, just trying to keep up :)

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