August 7, 2017

(toronto adventures - the leslie street spit)

Oh hello & Happy Monday! (even though it feels like Sunday!)

I wanted to share some photo's that I took last weekend on a little adventure we went on in the city. Pete and I and my brother Dave and his boyfriend Mikey went on one very amazing bike ride! This day was fun for a bunch of reasons. First off, I've been really wanting to take my DSLR camera out more often to take photos, and I did just that. Second, I was dying to get out on my bike ride again for an amazing biking adventure! And finally, I am basically always down to explore a new part of Toronto.

We've heard nothing but wonderful things about The Leslie Street Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) and have wanted to go for a while. We live in the west end of the city, and the spit is wayyyy east. We biked along the waterfront trails which are awesome! It was a reaaaaally hot day, and it's a really long ride, so we definitely took it slow for most of the way.

The Spit is such a cool spot, for a lot of reasons, one definitely being the fact that it's filled with incredible views of Toronto. It's lush, filled with wildlife, butterflies, flowers and oh - the prettiest rocks (a bunch of which we got for our collection!) The whole spit used to be lake 50 years ago, and its now covered with detritus and lake dredgeate. 

The whole area is filled with cyclists, runners, families and people out exploring. No vehicles or animals are allowed on site since it's a bird sanctuary. I'd definitely recommend checking out the spit if you're from Toronto or visiting. There were so many great photo ops and here's just a few snaps! I didn't even get any on my DSLR from the bottom of the spit because it was REALLY hot and we were reaaaaally tired (lol)

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